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Rabbit year Jordan the shoe box of the air cushion shoe, act in cooperation Chinese Chinese New Year red envelope, adopt red and golden red color of several pattern design, also enclose with "the Ci is old to face new" of Chinese.Shoes and packing are everywhere it is thus clear that a sketch mark that man jumps up to shoot the basket Zhi.Three kinds of colors of shoes, at least two kinds of reds and gold colors that is China to spread widely.

Nike sells Hyperdunk in a low-key way 2010 sports shoes Nikes will soon release a special shoe style of Christmas LEBRON 8 V2s

Owing to the market is tended to saturation and product and quality to turn severity, the consumer position a lack definition etc. problem, the domestic exercises brand company, produce company and outlet companies to all face more and more big pressure.For brand company, wholesale a mode situation ceiling after, the new business model necessarily doesn't can model in the short run, therefore, ample funds and the cash of stability's flowing is the foundation of long-term change.When the selling party market change is a buyer market, is become professional dealer(devote major efforts develop self-run business) to still become a creative type wholesale dealer?(more the retail mode of science)China's exercising brand is walking on the intersections.1:00 canned not deny is:Cash's flowing a meeting is the Life Line that changes medium sport brand. All new running shoes Nike Flyknit world in Free in Nike gleams to show up

Speak of fly the person's fifth generation war Xue, back still have a small story, 1989-the Year 1990's, "Buddhist monk" Phil Jackson take office the bishop of bull brigade to do, the ball team obtained a very quite good war merit(55 win 27 negative), Jordan became that getting a goal of match quarter king(on the average each 33.6 cent), merged in to choose NBA the best defend appearance, list the field is the tallest to get a goal to be up to 69 cent, but the war Xue trampled by foot is Air Jordan 5.

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